Hearing aid in Kolkata

Hearing aid in Kolkata is now more affordable and advance. As a capital of West Bengal we have our office and testing centre established in Kolkata, to cater the need and requirements of the people of Kolkata for their ear related problems and for any kind of listening difficulties we have the best hearing machines in Kolkata from different brands and companies like Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Resound, Widex and many more reliable original brands. Our Primary focus is to evaluate the listening and ear related problems by our supreme ear care professionals and audiologists. We have one of the best testing facility and setup to identify and cater the separate and special needs of our patients to determine the correct hearing aid machines in Kolkata for them. Here at Healthy Hearings we have the primary focus to reach out the patients with partial or full listening disability so that we can suggest the ultimate and cost friendly hearing aid machine in Kolkata for them. Our objective and target is to provide the best hearing consultation at a minimum price so that anybody and everybody can afford it. Hearing aid machine price in Kolkata is the most reasonable in healthy Hearings. Here we care for our patients and determined to cater best ear care facility and hearing aid machine at a minimum cost. From the hearing consultation to Audiometry, and all sort of hearing screening for the adults are available at Healthy Hearings testing centre in Kolkata to identify the need for hearing aid machines in Kolkata and to provide the top quality hearing aid machine from different brands. Our testing centre and ear evaluation in Healthy Hearings in Kolkata is best among the other entire hearing aid centre in Kolkata.

Committed To Helping Our Clients Hear

History & Expertise

Our Mission

Our mission is to make every single person on the planet to make them hear. 

Our Vision

To provide high quality hearing aids at affordable price to everyone.

Our Values

To provide genuine products and sales after service to every patient.

Why Choose Us ?

Healthy Hearing Consultation

We provide to our client our exclusive service called “Healthy Hearing Consultation”. This service includes a tailor made set of hearing evaluations based on your hearing complaints to delineate your unique hearing requirements followed by a counseling session to approach the perfect solution for your hearing difficulties.

Comfortable Testing Environment

Forget entering a 2ft*2ft testing booth which is uncomfortable at best and clammy & claustrophobic at worst. We care for our patients comfort and thus conduct testing in especially sound treated air conditioned room so that you can complete your hearing evaluation with your loved ones by your side.

Speech Therapy sessions

In our clinic we provide parents and caregivers the opportunity to participate actively in each and every speech therapy sessions which help you to get a thorough understanding of the activities conducted in the sessions as well as gives you ample chances to clear all your doubts first hand from your speech therapist.

Besides our uniquely comfortable testing facility & special services you can avail comprehensive hearing evaluations, superior quality diagnostic test reports, latest and best hearing aids in every range starting from around Rs. 7000/- to around Rs. 4,50,000/-  (digital hearing aids starting from Rs. 12,000/-), hearing aid batteries, other hearing aid accessories (ear mould, ear tips, wax guard, dry kit, hearing aid charger, hearing protection devices), Speech and language evaluation and therapy (speech therapy materials etc.)