We are your best choice on many aspects, but most importantly we are trusted by our profound knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of Digital Hearing Aid machines and other quality hearing machines. We have carefully designed and planned our professional health service team to give you the best and efficient testing experience for your ear. We have successfully furnished the need of quality hearing aid machines and hearing machines to the much needed patients while maintaining the most reasonable hearing machine price. Our success can only be evaluated by your satisfaction and trust. We sincerely believe in this ‘mantra’. Here are some key points for which we are your only best choice:

Swarup Dasgupta
Founder & CEO - Healthy Hearing Aids.
Purba Sengupta
Chief Audiologist (M.A.S.L.P)
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Debashish Modak
Consultant Audiologist & Speech language therapist B.A.S.L.P (U.U)
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Paramita Ojha
Accountant Cum HR Executive
Soumya Dasgupta
Soumya Dasgupta
Office Executive
Bijoy Ghosh
Marketing Manager
Srabanti Ghosh
Front office manager
Sanjay Das
Marketing Manager
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Sayak Dasgupta
Audiologist & Speech language therapist B.A.S.L.P